Manta rays frequently sighted feeding on plankton near the rocky shore. Normally a calm dive, but occasionally affected by surge. Also a good spot for snorkelling. The coral life is not as prolific as other sites, but the mantas make up for it! There are many holes, cracks and overhangs where you will find many different shrimps, crabs & octopus. Blue spotted stingrays and marble rays can be found in the sand. Occasional sightings of nurse shark.


Although Bali is one of the world’s most underrated destinations for divers, it has some exceptionally beautiful diving sites. Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is an attractive site in this respect. Bali has a surprisingly rich underwater life, which is mainly due to the fact that it is located between two great oceans, the Indian ocean and the Pacific.


Crystal Bay has relatively calm diving conditions. The water is crystal clear thus excellent for snorkelling. At Crystal Bay you will see schools of anthias and batfish which comes around periodically. A bat cave is located nearby. There is a beautiful white sandy beach at Banjar Penida, west of Sakti village on the north western coast facing Nusa Ceningan. Crystal Bay is one of the few places in the world where one can see the awesome mola mola. One can be reasonably sure of a sighting during the season if two or three days of diving are allowed. And for sure, diving with the Sunfish is an experience that you will never forget. The mola mola can reach a length of 3 metres and a weight of over 2,000 kg. They are usually found in deep and cold oceanic waters but occasionally they come inshore, in Bali between July and September.


Toya Pakeh Wall is Constant current, very deep towards the Toyapakeh Straight, the current runs along the wall, with a wide variety of tropical fish, which thrive in this current swept environment. Prolific marine life can be found along the wall, along with hard and soft corals and if you are lucky, the mola mola.


Gamat Bay has very clean sand, soft and colorful corals are so beautiful. This area is highly favored by local divers to see marine exotic sea.  The current was fairly heavy, it is recommended only divers who have advanced some people do. There is a diverse group of corals and coral mounds, almost all area of seabed from sandy Gamat Bay. Charming natural scenery with the sea water is very clear, making the diver can not wait to infiltrate into it. You will not found dive sites like this again complete with rocks and steep slopes.  There is another small cracks surrounded by a variety of marine fish, certainly adds to the charm of the place. Coral mound is a small fish seek refuge.

It’s natural habitat that fits and is not bothered by the dirty hands of men. No wonder that many divers who love to dive in this place because the variety biiota on this sea. Gamat Bay is a lively place for large pelagic fish, sharks, stingrays, sunfish and funny turttle. While the main part of the bay, has some shallow water between the rocks. Fitting area for divers to rest after watching the underwater life.