nusa penida east tour destination


Pantai Atuh or Atuh Beach is a very beautiful and secluded beach on the easternmost side of nusa penida. From the high limestone cliffs above you have a panoramic view of the straits of Lombok which is also known as the wallace line. Across the torrid waters of the straits you can see Bangko Bangko n Mt. Rinjani on Lombok. Trekking down the winding trails is rewarded with a peaceful calm of an uninhabited long stretch of sandy beach.


The tree house is located around Atuh Beach. To be precisely in Banjar Pelilit, Pejukutan Village, Nusa Penida, Bali. From Buyuk harbour to the Tree House approximately in 1 hour. From the top of the Batu Molenteng tree house, the visitors can see the small islands, the overlay of the ocean, the high rising cliffs and a beautiful scenery from the top of the tree house. The visitors says this place has beautiful panoramic view that similar to Raja Ampat in Papua.


Teletubbies’ Hills is located in Banjar Anta, Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida, on the border of Julingan Hamlet, Tanglad Village with Sedehing Hamlet, Sekartaji Village. Teletubbies’ Hills is about 25 Kilometers from the ship port of Kutampi Village to the east.

The name of the hill was created by tourists who visit there. Nusa Penida is remarkable, all the places that are there have uniqueness. There are many green dunes that adorn these hills. In the hills are formed from limestone above which there is a thin ground overgrown with green grass, looks very beautiful and natural. When the rainy season grass will grow more and more that seemed to cover it. When morning and evening is a very suitable time to visit Teletubbies Hill’s because if during the day the weather is very hot and there is no shelter. The journey to the hill is certainly exciting, you can get a good photo there.


Pura Goa Giri Putri is large lime stone cave temple of Nusa Penida, this temple has existed from the hundreds of years ago. Located at Karang Sari Village, from the harbour approximately 30 minutes drive to the east cost to find this temple. Climb the stairs, pause on the way to enjoy the magnificent vistas before you arrive at the Hindu shrine (pelinggih) of Hyang Purusha and Hyang Gana Pati at the entrance to the cave. Enter the caves via manhole and inside of the cave you will see a few nice temple and a place FOR meditation. The cave is about 250 metres in length and runs the entire  width of the hill. There are for Hindu Shrines in the cave : Hyang Sapta Petala ; Dewi Gangga; Dewi Uma;and Giri Putri. And near from the exit and alter dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess Dewi Kwan Im, the Goddess of mercy and compassion who relieves suffering.