Nusa Lembongan and Manta Safari (snorkeling trip) DESTINATION


Manta rays frequently sighted feeding on plankton near the rocky shore. Normally a calm dive, but occasionally affected by surge. Also a good spot for snorkelling. The coral life is not as prolific as other sites, but the mantas make up for it! There are many holes, cracks and overhangs where you will find many different shrimps, crabs & octopus. Blue spotted stingrays and marble rays can be found in the sand. Occasional sightings of nurse shark


Toya Pakeh Wall is Constant current, very deep towards the Toyapakeh Straight, the current runs along the wall, with a wide variety of tropical fish, which thrive in this current swept environment. Prolific marine life can be found along the wall, along with hard and soft corals and if you are lucky, the mola mola


Mangrove Point is Gentle sloping reef, with lots of branching & table corals, big sponges, nudibranch, mantis shrimps, cowries, cleaner shrimps & moray eels. Shoals of colourful anthias cover the corals, trigger fish, pufferfish, stingrays and keep an eye on the blue for the occasional reef shark, barracuda or giant trevally passing by


Patung Buddha has been made more than 10 years that can be reached at a depth of 7 meters. You can watch it by diving freely while traveling to Nusa Penida. Because it has long been embedded under the sea that Patung Buddha already looks mossy.