Following the carefully cut path along the steep jutting hilltop ridge you are rewarded with incredible east and west views of the magnificent cliffs of Nusa Penida. After the bird's eye view of the rich blue sea there is a fun winding trek down to the white sands of Kelingking Beach


Angel Billabong is a formation of razor sharp volcanic rocks that over millions of years has been worn away to create a cove above the cliffs on Manta Bay. As the tide rises, water floods the cove to create this unique natural sitting pool with splendid views of the Indian Ocean


The land bridge at Broken Beach is famous,not only for it's spectacular beauty and cliff views eastwards, but also because when standing on it you can often see manta rays surface feeding in the waters of Manta Bay just below. The gorgeous lilte-half beach in the natural lagoon under bridge can only be seen at low tide and disappears completely as the rushing waters of the high tide sweep in to cover it.


Crystal Bay is so-named because of the clarity of the water. As one of the best snorkeling locations in Bali you will never run out of interesting seas critters to watch. One side of the bay is full of colorful hard corals and the fish and other marine life that depend on them for shelter and food, the other side is beautiful soft corals and their fishy friends as well. In the middle of Crystal Bay is a large magical rock formation with a temple on top. The thatched roofed village that is on the beach tucked between the cliffs is slow, quiet, peaceful, and friendly – about as local as you can get


gamat Bay has very clean sand, soft and colorful corals are so beautiful. This area is highly favored by local divers to see marine exotic sea.  The current was fairly heavy, it is recommended only divers who have advanced some people do. There is a diverse group of corals and coral mounds, almost all area of seabed from sandy Gamat Bay. Charming natural scenery with the sea water is very clear, making the diver can not wait to infiltrate into it. You will not found dive sites like this again complete with rocks and steep slopes.  There is another small cracks surrounded by a variety of marine fish, certainly adds to the charm of the place. Coral mound is a small fish seek refuge.

It’s natural habitat that fits and is not bothered by the dirty hands of men. No wonder that many divers who love to dive in this place because the variety biiota on this sea. Gamat Bay is a lively place for large pelagic fish, sharks, stingrays, sunfish and funny turttle