The Most Beautiful Beach in Nusa Penida


Nusa Penida is one of the best destinations you can choose, if you visit Bali. This island has many beautiful places. But, the most popular place in Nusa Penida is its beaches. One of the best beaches you can visit here is Crystal Bay. Most of travel companies will put this beach on their Nusa penida package tour. So, you know how beautiful this place as your vacation destination.


Crystal Bay is also known as Penida Beach. But, the crystal name come from the scenery that you can find when you see this beach from far distance. The sand is so white, when the sunlight shines on it; it will reflect the sun and make it looks like crystal. Therefore, it becomes really well known as Crystal Bay.


Crystal Bay isn’t only beautiful. But, this is the best place to do many fun activities. The first thing you can do here is snorkeling. Around Crystal Bay, you will find many best snorkeling spot, like Manta Point or Buddhist spot, where you can see Buddha statue under the sea. So, you can enjoy them as your adventure.


When you visit this place in the afternoon, you also can see the beautiful sunset scenery. The scenery will calm your mind. You can even choose this place to spend your time with your loved one. This will give you romantic memory. In fact, many people choose this beach as the place for their pre-wedding photo location. So, this is really beautiful beach.


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